Barona Rec Youth Room

The Youth Room will be open from 1-6pm. In addition to our drop-in program, teens are encouraged to get involved and participate in the Barona Teen Program.

The Barona Youth Room is open to tribal teens ages 13-18. Barona Teens meets every Wednesday at 3:30pm and holds events on Friday or Saturday evenings.


The program consists of self-help lessons, community service, drug and alcohol awareness, mentoring, field trips, cultural awareness, and many other programs that better the teens.


The program is open for any teen age 13-18 that is interested. Just come to the Rec and talk to any staff member. There is no fee and the majority of all trips are made possible through fundraising. Come join us and have a positive time interacting with your peers.


The teen program provides a variety of activities for teens. It may be feeding the homeless, attending a drug prevention awareness program, fundraising or just having fun.

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